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Genesis Foundation and Lamitech, working together for quality education in Colombia

Nuestra alianza por la educación con Lamitech ha fortalecido las habilidades socioemocionales de los niños en Cartagena

In 2017, the Genesis Foundation and Lamitech joined efforts through the "Un poco de mí" campaign. This initiative invites the companies and their employees to jointly participate in transforming activities throughout the year, by means of monthly payroll donations and social activities in which the company community participates.

Lamitech decided to support the Nube9 Global program for 2018 in three schools in Cartagena, close to its plant: Ararca, Rosedal, and Santa Ana, strengthening the social-emotional skills of 1,947 preschool and primary school students, teaching them values by reading stories to them that encourage the development of the 21st century competences.

"With this program, I am giving a bit of myself: a little of my salary and of my time and my effort, and a lot of my heart. From this heart, just a little bit helps a lot", said a Lamitech employee.

All schools received the program materials: stories, posters, pins, postcards, and videos (with which the teachers worked with their students), respect values, tolerance, honesty, and creativity, making the children aware of the importance of treating everyone - and themselves - well, the dialogue as a conflict resolution mechanism, and resilience as a mechanism with which to tackle life problems.

Nube9 Global ha logrado mejorar la convivencia escolar en Cartagena

"We have been working hard to improve the children's interpersonal relationships related to the school environment. Once the Nube9 Global program became available, the children started to rescue values and we, as teachers, have been using all these tools to foster their growth and somehow heal their wounds", said Margarita, a teacher of the Santa Ana school.

Thanks to our alliance, the parents have also participated in the program, 98% of them having said that the Nube9 Global program has helped their children to apply more values at school, strengthen their trust in their friends, be more assertive regarding the solution of conflicts, and put themselves in the others' shoes to understand and respect them.

"I have brought the Nube9 Global stories home; my mom has read them to me and I to my little brother; we draw and with unknown words we make an alphabet soup" said Paola Medrano, a girl participating in the program in Cartagena.

In 2019, Lamitech supported the implementation of our new EsTuDía Aprende Diferente primary basic line program in the same schools in Cartagena, improving their support to the children regarding not only language with the Nube9 Global program but also with respect to natural sciences and mathematics with the EsTuDía modules, which contain innovative classroom activities and encourage the children to work in a collaborative manner and improve their communication skills, their social-emotional skills, and their problem resolution abilities.

En 2019, Lamitech apoyará a un colegio de Sopó, Cundinamarca por medio del programa EsTuDía

The alliance is expanding its coverage, this year bringing the EsTuDía program to a school in Sopó, Cundinamarca, so that the Lamitech employees in Bogota will be able to participate in the program "Un poco de mí" and in the school's social activities.

In the Genesis Foundation, we are proud to form education alliances, with investments focused on specific goals and joining efforts so that the Colombian children will have access to quality education in support to their cognitive, emotional, and social development. Do you wish to be part of our transformation? Join the Genesis Foundation and become a member of our community of individual donors.

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