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Genesis Foundation and ISA, working together to transform the quality of the education in Bolivar

En alianza con ISA brindaremos una educación de calidad al departamento de Bolívar

In order to provide quality education to the children in the Department of Bolivar, Genesis Foundation and Interconexión Eléctrica S.A “ISA” joined efforts in order to strengthen the primary students' social-emotional abilities and academic performance by implementing the Nube9 Global program, including the EsTuDia Aprende Diferente program methodology guidelines.

With the Corpoeducación operation, these programs will be implemented in the next two years and will benefit 6,284 students and 132 preschool and primary teachers in 22 schools in Carmen de Bolívar, Cartagena, and Nepomuceno.

The students will develop social-emotional skills thanks to the Nube9 Global methodology, an innovative social-emotional learning program that includes reading and writing stories as a vehicle to teach the 21st century competences, this way bringing a positive change to the children's conduct and to the manner in which they treat others, also strengthening their character, resilience, and decision-making capacities.

Fortalecer las habilidades socioemocionales logra un cambio positivo en la conducta de los niños

The schools receive all the necessary materials to start implementing the strategies of six social-emotional abilities: respect, creativity, tolerance, honesty, cooperation, and gratitude.

The reading/writing, mathematics, and natural sciences skills will be handled by implementing the methodological guidelines of our EstuDia program, which provides the teachers with teaching experiences and activities they can use in the classroom, at the same time encouraging the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics abilities.

With this alliance, Genesis Foundation and ISA seek to develop pedagogical capacities in the teachers, ensuring the effective implementation of the EstuDia and the Nube9 Global programs. 132 teachers are participating in initial training, reinforcement, and evaluation workshops so that they will have available the necessary tools to create a playful environment in the classroom, where the students will create their own learning process with activities encouraging their critical knowledge, their collaborative work, and their social-emotional and investigative skills.

La formación docente es esencial para mejorar la calidad de la educación

During such implementation, ongoing follow-up will be made to the program progress and to the use of the various materials. The purpose of these visits is to pedagogically support such implementation in the classroom, as well as the area plans, also supporting the teachers to socialize the program with other teachers, coordinators, and headmasters.

The Genesis Foundation is proud to create alliances for the education of Colombia. We will continue working to expand the effects of our programs in the department of Bolivar, together with ISA affording more children the chance to develop the necessary skills to build their life projects and have a better future.

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